Bleach Vs Naruto V2.1

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About the game

New characters include Pain and Konan from the Naruto TV show. New summon characters are third hokage of the hidden rock, Tsuchikage, and fourth hokage of the hidden leaf, Minato Namikaze. Also include few more bug fixes.

  •  Click on the flash game to make sure it’s selected. Then use WASD and J to select character.<br /><br />Default button:<br />= Player 1 =<br />WASD Move<br />S Defense<br />J attack<br />K jump<br />L sprint<br />U Far attack<br />I slay<br />O summon assistance<br /><br />= Player 2==<br />Arrow keys to move<br />Down Key Defense<br />Keypad<br />1 attack<br />2 hops<br />3 sprint<br />4 Far attack<br />5 kill<br />6 summon assistance<br /><br />Moves: S + J, W + J, S + U, W + U, S + I, W + I<br /><br />Quiet step: S + L, W + L<br /><br />Outbreak of spiritual pressure / avatars surgery: O (instantaneous when beaten)

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