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Description: Hi there! It is your turn, fans of winter fishing, it is time to go on the ice! Vitality Games has a large selection of free online games.Select place for fishing and click on the lake.Use mouse to fish.Use a variety of baits to catch the fishes.Use the mouse wheel to lower and raise the bait (or arrows on the screan).Gently allow your bait to go right to the bottom, and allow it to stay there. If nothing is happening, raise your line up to a new depth, about four feet higher than where it was. Repeat this process until the bait is right up, nearly into the hole.Try this whole procedure a couple of times in any given locations.If there is nothing doing in an area, go elsewhere to bore a hole. If you've drilled a number of holes, and can return to any of them, re-try some of the holes a bit later.-Clean up after yourself. Leave the ice just as you found it - trash-free.

Control: Select the place for fishing.Use mouse to fishing.

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