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Description: Blast, smash, crush and destroy your opponents with some of the worlds deadliest modern weapons and vehicles! Red Crucible is a fully rendered 3D online multiplayer, web browser game with real time lighting along with some of the most stunning 3D levels and arenas found anywhere. As Always, Have Fun!

Control: Move - W, A, S, D Look - Mouse/Trackpad Crouch - C Jump - Space Iron Sight/Zoom - F (or right-click for infantry) Walk - Shift Camera mode - V Reload - R Operate or Exit Vehicle - E Throw Grenades - G Use Inventory items - Number keys 7,8,9,0 Primary Weapon - 1 Secondary Weapon - 2 Knife - 3 Menu - M Game Stats - Tab Full Screen - F1 Chat - Enter/Return Team Chat - T While in chat mode: Up/Down Arrow - Scoll chat Left/Right Arrow - Change chat mode (all, team, friends)

Tags: Red crucible 2, Army, War, Battle, Shooter, Solider, Red, Crucible


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