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Game info: Traffic Talent Description

Description: Traffic talent its a new skill driving unity 3D game. Where you learn how to handle and drive correct by the rules some awesome cars.This online 3D car game is a very entertaining in which you should not only look to drive fast but with great balance and by following the traffic rules.Learn how to drive fast and safe and complete missions to unlock new ones. The game has nice difficulty session. When driving you will get fog on the road to make you drive slower and be alert. The main important goal in driving safe a car. Stop for the red lights, use your turn signals and obey the speed limits to earn a good score. This game is made with Unity, this may cause your Flash plugin to crash. If this happens, reload the game and it should work fine.So enjoy the game and improve your driving skills online to become the best 3D unity car driver from this new Traffic talent games.Good luck and have fun!

Control: use arrow keys to steer and drive your cars.Use Z,X, to turn signals.

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