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Congrats for being at Vitalitygames! Do you love to ride your skateboard, perform cool tricks on the street or in half-pipes? Or do you prefer the winter sports skiing or snowboarding? Here you can play games with your favourite boards all the time, even at bad weather. Find skateboard games or snowboard games where you race downhill performing free-style tricks and stunts. The best part about our free games is that they are free to play for as long as you want, no money will be required, ever. Make sure to try out all the snowboarding and skating games we have to offer in order to make sure you made a good choice. In every game, choose to go into extremes with each move that you perform, get a high score and become the best skater/snowboarder. Grab your skateboard/snowboard, create your own skater/snowboarder look and go to action.Our new collection of skateboarding/snowboarding games that we have prepared for you give you the benefit to build your own course with such a game. Be bold to perform kick flips, grinds and other cool tricks. The best part is that there is no risk for you to get injured. Make up a character that performs funny moves and add more fun to the games. Are you ready? Fell free to enjoy all these free online games for you and your friends.

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