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Super Hero Games - Free Online Games offers you a large range of free online superhero games. All free online Super Hero games on you can play for free. The widest selection of super hero games online is only with Vitalitygames. You name your favourite fighter and we have a game dedicated to him. Be it Batman, Superman, Hulk, Spiderman or Power Rangers we have skill and adventure games featuring all of them. You can play free superhero games only with us. There are no costs to play these games and no downloading hassles either. At some point everyone has wondered what superpower they would want: flight, super strength, regenerative abilities, hyper-intelligence. This genre is like the used car lot of free online flash games, you get to shop around and take your favorite heroes (and their powers) out for a test drive. Nearly every macho crime fighter that has ever graced page or screen is available here in dozens of great Super Hero Games. Play as Wolverine, Captain America, Batman, The Hulk or one of several new and original characters found only in these online games. Pick your powers, take them out for a spin, and kick some villainous butt. See how well you match up in your favorite super hero's shoes. Play all the top rated Superhero flash games today.

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