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Welcome at Vitalitygames section taxi games. Here you can learn to be a good driver, a fast one but still good. The taxi, cab, or taxicab if a vehicle you hire to drive you from one place to another. Often when you hear the word taxi you think of a car, but there are all kinds of taxis, such as the taxi bus, the water taxi, rickshaw, tuk-tuk, etc. All of these are hired to transport people. Time is money and that's certainly true for a taxi driver. Every minute you're standing still, you could have made money by dropping of passengers. Get the passengers and drop them of at their destination as fast as you can. The faster you are the more money you can make. Try not to damage the taxi, otherwise it may cost you money or even your job. To play these free online games you don't need a driver license or a taxi license. Here you will find an overview of all kinds of free online taxi games. In these games you can drive your own taxi through the streets on the city. Come and play these taxi games and see how much money you can earn, only at

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