All Fall Down

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Play online this intense 3D Unity game called All Fall Down. What's wrong with this world? Why everything is collapsing and heavy boulders are falling from the sky? Respond to this question and have the player in Action online, as well as to stop this terrible process and stop the destruction of the fantastic world. Act quickly, but cautiously. Use WASD keys to move your character in the first person and Space to jump. The player must reach all the switches and translate them into a different mode. When all the switches will be used world will be saved. It remains to be patient, to include observation and act decisively. Dodge the falling Debris to survive, find and switch off switches using bullets, to proceed to all of the other challenges that await. Why is the Debris falling? Save your world and stop the disaster by clearing the levels going up all the time until reaching the edge of space and fixing the mystery.

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