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Gameplay: Avengers Hero Vs. Alien Robot

About the game

Help Captain America and Iron Man save the Earth! In Avengers Hero vs Alien Robot, you will control Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Move the superheroes separately or together to push crates, hop on elevators, and destroy the robot army! Avengers Hero VS Alien Robot is one of our selected Avengers Games. Looking for the latest Avengers Games available on the internet? well look no further! vitalitygames.com proudly presents to you the awesome 2 player platformer "Avengers Hero VS Alien Robot".In this dangerous adventure you must take Captain America and Ironman through the dangerous Alien Robot base to defeat the evil Skrull Overlord.Along the way you must collect special items for Captain America and Ironman alike in order to pass the level safe and sound.So what are you waiting for? Exciting puzzles, elevator tricks wait for you to cooperate with the Avengers superhero members so that the evil alien robot invasion to be repelled.Sharpen your wits and bring on the action, it's Avengers time!

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