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Gameplay: Batman Ice Cold Getaway

About the game

If you are in the mood to play some superhero games, namely Batman then you have found the right site! Vitalitygames.com offers you the awesome action packed game called "Batman Ice Cold Getaway".Mr Freeze was smart enough to plan a bank robbery, stealing hundreds of valuable diamonds from Gotham's City Bank, but he didn't check if everything was alright when he was escaping, letting a visible trace of little diamonds behind him.Now that Batman knows where he is, he will use his speedboat to chase the villain and recover everything before he manages to escape for good.Avoid the natural obstacles and the frozen ones Mr Freeze put in the way, or else you will sink and there will be no way left to go in pursuit of the enemy's boat.Your job is to reach him as fast as you can because the Gotham treasury is counting on your professional driving skills.As always have a blast, only here on www.Vitalitygames.com!

action batman driving hero ice cold getaway jet