Battle Tank 3D Parking

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Are you ready for an extreme 3D tank parking simulator? We already know that you eager to drive and park one of the heaviest battle vehicles. You are a soldier in command of a big tank and your main responsibility is to drive it around a realistic military base and find the allotted parking zones. It might look easy, but you'll soon realize that driving a massive battle tank is more difficult than you think. Be the brave soldier and successfully complete all the given parking missions. The quicker you are the higher the reward. This 3D army tank game will test your skills regarding basic tank maneuvers and parking reflexions. Tanks are robust machines capable of fighting on any terrain and face all the threats. Knowing to successfully control your armored truck is winning half the battle already. The intuitive on-screen control will let you easily maneuver your vehicle through various obstacles and reach in time the adequate parking spot. Every mission is a race against time, but this won't put any pressure on a real truck driver. If your childhood dream was to join the army, to defend the country or to become a tank driver hero, you will definitely love this game. Have fun!

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