Fugitive Frenzy

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Looking online for a new driving challenge with cops and bad guys? Where you have to escape the police cars running with your car? Then here on vitalitygames we have the latest greatcargames game called Fugitive Frenzy games. The cops are on your tail for some bad things you have done, so you have to escape them. Do your best in using the arrow keys and tray to escape your hand brake will help just press Space. The cops will not chase you if you are not spotted! So do your best in driving online cars and steering your player over the high way and pay attention wen you will cross the steer! Do it fast and safe because there are cars coming fast from bought sides! So do your best and try to finish all 8 levels and become the best player from this new flash challenge called fugitive frenzy games. Good luck and have fun!

car cops driving frenzy fugitive