Ice Rink Parking

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

If you are a big fan of winter racing and parking games, and you are looking for something new to play online. Then here on Vitality Games we give you this new challenge called Ice Rink Parking games. In Ice Rink Parking you have to test your driving and parking skills in the most wonderful time for a car driver ..winter. Winter is challenging enough when you are a driver, but you can prove yourself to be the best by completing all the missions from Ice Rink Parking games. Drive using the arrow keys and try to keep it slow so you will not hit other obstacles on you way, because the ice is slippery. And you are driving a modified car, with more power.There are eight intense levels for you to test your skills. so do your best and try to be the best driver online. Pay attention to the upper part of the game interface where can see your current level, your health bar and your timer. Enjoy our online driving and parking collection with some if the best car games online. And have fun! Good luck.

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