Into Space 2

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About the game

Into Space 2 free online adventure and skill game. If you are bored of simple flash games and you need something more complex to play and have fun for free . Then here on vitalitygames we have a special free adventure flash game for you to play. It's time to get back into the space race! This time to Mars! Can you build the best rocket to get you there without crashing into a million little pieces? Well hopefully you can because we're going back Into Space 2. Into Space 2 is a fairly typical vertical distance game, we all know the type. In that aspect Into Space 2 is no different than really any other game of the same genre. However it does feature some interesting ideas which make it a little bit unique. The biggest feature Into Space 2 has is that it really plays up on the rocket science, combustion, engineering aspect of space shuttles. By this I mean graphically it features a lot of schematic themes and the upgrade system is fairly in depth. As far as upgrade systems go, Into Space 2 has a really good one although to unlock more upgrades you need to finish missions. Now missions are an interesting addition to the Into Space series. These are given fancy objectives and are supposed to mimic flight tests, but essentially these missions consists of long distance races and flying through hoops. Interesting addition? Yes. Slightly annoying to have to do to get upgrades? Yes as well. Into Space 2 is kind of emulating realism I found. Just in terms of the way the rocket and boosters interact with flight. However this actually bogs down game play and makes it fairly slow. Furthermore, in general the menu transactions and the sequence after you run out of fuel takes forever... Really makes it so Into Space 2 is a slow hassle to play and sucks the enjoyment out of it. However, if you are a fan of distance games in general than Into Space 2 is one you cannot miss and it is one of the better ones, just slightly slow and can be frustrating at times.

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