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Gameplay: Planet 161

About the game

If you are in a mood for some puzzle or brain or even math games here on vitalitygames we have prepared a special action game combined with puzzle called Planet 161 games. In Planet 161 games you will play as Hinds, an astronaut trapped on a small planet. The game is a retro puzzle platformer that mixes game play.Created for the Ludum Dare 23 Jam, this charming puzzle platformer puts you in the role of Soldier Hinds as he attempts to escape the clutches of the evil Zordak on the small prison of Planet 161. It isn't just a great game for something created in under 48 hours. It's a great game full stop. Using three very different types of guns that allow you to manipulate your environment in different ways, Planet 161 dishes out cramped levels that unfold in complexity, offering up a few pretty compelling exercises for the gray matter while not suffering from being overly difficult.

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