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Gameplay: Sokoban United

About the game

Play online the latest puzzle games for boys and girls on vitalitygames.com. Fresh new game like this 3d Sokoban United games. Sokoban United is a 3D Sokoban puzzle game in which you need to push 3D boxes to pass each level.You can only push the box and not pull the box. So think ahead of every move you make. Each Sokoban puzzle is solved when all boxes are at the target locations. Your goal is to push boxes to storage locations. The game will offer: 3D Sokoban game graphics,100 Sokoban levels,5 Sokoban worlds, Intuitive tap controls,Tap anywhere you want and the character will move there,Colorful and nice interface,Undo feature,Star rating,HD graphics,Also known as Push Push. So have fun online and be the best player from this new Sokoban United games. Good luck.

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