Space Car Explorer

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About the game

Looking for a new truck driving in space? Then try this new driving and exploring game called Space Car Explorer games. Use your arrow keys to drive your space car on each level and balance it just right to land it safe on the ground. But watch out the gravity can play tricks on your steering the car. Use nitro to help yourself pressing X, that will give you some extra power to overcome the obstacles on your way! Pay attention not to flip over and damage your car. You can see your health bar in the upper part of the screen. Jump on rocks and platforms and reach the end of the level, where you will play a mini-game to collect some rocks and coins with a hook. Then take them back to your mother ship, traveling on the same path, but backwards. Watch for the timer in the bottom left corner of the screen, which can add bonus points to your score. Do your best and be the best driver online from this new free online moon driving challenge called Space Car Explorer games and if you think this game it's to simple for your driving skills try other similar unity 3D truck games here on vitalitygames. Good luck with all the games and have fun!

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