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Gameplay: Splatped

About the game

Hi there all you passionate driver here on vitalitygames, where neat games are free and fun to play, we have prepared a new driving and testing unity 3D BWM games called Splatped games. Splatped games it's a new 3D unity simulation game developed by Ciorbyn development. The game it's similar to the driving and drifting game Offroader V3. But in this free online driving games beside driving and drifting online a super car you can test to see how it's behaving a pedestrian when you crash into him by car. So sit in a BMW M5 with a real driving characteristics and watching what will happen, when you crash into some pedestrian. Like the similar Offroader V3 games in this new Splatped you can change setting as for example on or off abs, esp, tcs etc. Use arrow keys to drive the car. Space to handbrake the car. L for lights.And shift to clutch.And see how the car reacts and it handles. Drift and drive and have some fun and be the best driver online and from the Splatped games. Good luck and have a blast!

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