Stark Raving Ted

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Stark Raving Ted is a shooting and a zombie game too. The future is horrible!This game is all about Ted, a person who want to defend the population in front of aliens. Ted is brave, trying to kill the aliens who transformed people into zombies.The aliens arrived in 2012.They burn the atmosphere and turn people into zombies. Aliens killed population with their machines. All who survived are hidden in shelters, but not Ted. He want to beat their asses.Ted need to kill every zombie too, in order to earn more money, otherwise zombies will kill him.During his mission, he'll find other people trying to save the world but failed, so Ted must take their guns in order to have more power against the aliens.Hope you'll enjoy the game! Share it with your friends and see who's the best Ted, you or your friend!Stark Raving Ted only at Vitality Games, a free online games website!

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