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Gameplay: Traffic Mania

About the game

Play the latest 3D unity traffic control games and traffic police skill games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play this awesome perception game called Traffic Mania.
To play the game first you can only select and play on the unlocked level. There are total of 5 different levels each one can be unlocked if you manage to accumulate certain points. The city traffic is in chaos and there happens a lot of traffic accidents. Start each round and take the identity of a traffic policeman and drive traffic at the busy intersection without traffic lights in the city center so the cars run smoothly and there is no traffic accident.
Enjoy have fun and come up with effective method to control the traffic situation and deal with this traffic jam. More similar games like : Traffic City ChallengeCity Traffic Jam and my favorite 4th of July . Enjoy, improve and have a blast online!
Release Date
June 2018
Traffic Mania was made by Madness Code.
  • Nice looking 3D low poly graphics with simple animations.
  • 5 Different levels.
  • After each game you will earn points.
  • Easy to play and fun!

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