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Gameplay: Truck Racing

About the game

Looking for the latest simulator truck driving ot racing games online? To play and test to see how truck handle if you play with the ABS, TC and ESP of the selected 3d truck. So play online Truck Racing games and test your skills to see how good you are! Find out now, by playing this intense 3D simulation game in which you get to drive a big truck of your choosing in a long and challenging race! There are some extreme tracks on which you can test yourself on and you have to be careful not to crash it. Test drive your truck on mountains, in the dessert or on asphalt and see if you can finish the race with success. Have an incredible time playing this fun game! Enjoy some of the best 3d unity truck simulator games online here on vitality games. Also try our cool selection of unity car games and unity 3d racing games!

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