Unpark Me

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Here on Vitalitygames.com were only the best car games are selected we have prepared a new combination of puzzle game with thinking game that involves moving cars from traffic jams. Click to play this epic fun logic game called Unpark Me and find ways to unlock your green mustang using less moves for a better score and to earn more stars.
We spend a quarter of our lives inefficiently stuck in traffic jam during rush hour so this game might help us think or come up with a way to unblock cars faster. Carefully inspect everything you need to move the selected machines using the spot method and try to finish all levels to have a blast online! Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
5 June 2018
Unpark Me is developed by Inlogic.
  • Awesome puzzle and logic car game.
  • You can set the difficulty from beginner,intermediate,advanced and expert
  • A lot of levels each game mode has 180 levels.
  • Challenging and frustrating but addicting game.
  • easy and fun to play.

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