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Gameplay: WWII: Seige

About the game

Play the latest war games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play this intense world war 2 3D game from y8 called WWII: Seige.
As you know all about the war world 2 many soldiers have died and hundreds of lives of people where lost. In this epic survival game you are one of the elite soldiers left to defend a certain strategic area.You have withdrawal to hide in the trench on the battlefield to get a certain cover.
Move around the trench, use different weapons and do your duty as a valiant soldier, sacrificing yourself for the safety of others. And survive the waves of enemy soldiers coming your way. Purchase better weapons to increase your rate of survival. And make sure you handle all twenty-one levels brought by the game. Complete all the achievements and have a blast online and get your final score high in the Leaderboard.
Release Date
July 2018
WWII: Seige is sponsored by Y8.com
This game is a web browser game.
  • Nice looking 3D graphics with great game-play.
  • Cool war wold 2 weapons like pistols and rifles.
  • 21 intense waves.
  • Realistic theme, animations and sounds taking you back to world war 2
  • Leaderboard and achievements.
  • Easy and fun to play.

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