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We all have our own favorite restaurants we go to and order our favorite food. For most of us our interaction with the restaurant ends there, but have you ever wondered how restaurants are run and what would be like to own or work in one? Restaurant Games are here to answer that for you!

This category of free online games contains titles whose gameplay mainly revolves around running a successful restaurant. In these games, the player assumes various roles depending on the game: a waiter, a cook or a chef, and even a restaurant manager. Depending on the game the player will need to complete various tasks such as preparing food, serving food to clients in a timely manner and keeping them happy, and even developing and expanding the restaurant to fit more people thus producing more revenue.

The setting of these games also varies, while most of them are set in our time, some of them can be set in medieval times and have some fantasy elements on the side, in which case the player runs an inn or a tavern instead of a restaurant. 

Restaurant Games encourage the players to exercise and improve their management skills regarding serving food, cooking, and prioritizing recipes and further develop their restaurants.

Here on our website, you can play a wide variety of Restaurant Games completely for free, so if you are interested in this genre go right ahead and start playing!

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