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Scrabble is a word game played by two and up to four players at a time on a square game board. The board has a 15x15 grid of cells, also known as squares, on which players place tiles containing letters.

The physical game is available in 121 countries and in over 30 languages. In the English set, the game contains 100 tiles. Out of those 100 tiles, 98 are marked with a letter and a point value that ranges from 1 to 10. The number of points that are found on each tile is based on how frequently it appears in the English language. There are also 2 blank tiles that can be substituted for any letter, but their point value is 0. 

Scrabble is famous worldwide, even though it didn't quite catch on from the beginning and as such has spawned many variations under different names. Being such a popular game it also made the transition to the Internet. There are many ways to play Scrabble online either against a PC or against real people from all around the world. The rules are mostly the same across all platforms, with very minor changes, if any.

Here on our website, you can play a handful of carefully selected Scrabble games completely for free. Most of these games are also Unblocked Games which means they can be played from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

So whether you are a fan of this word game, or you are just discovering it, you are guaranteed to have tons of fun while also improving your vocabulary.

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