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Gameplay: Army Combat 2

About the game

Play the latest 3D shooting FPS arena survival games like the classic Counter Strike game but in a multiplayer session with hundreds of players in Army Combat 2 game.
Army Combat 2 is an awesome first-person shooter where the action take place in a an abandoned city and you start with a basic pistol or machine gun but you can collect new weapons to improve your damage output. Dominate the arena and prove your worth as a soldier on the battle field. And prepare to be the champion of champions...;))

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Release Date
March 2018
Army Combat 2 is developed by Falco Software.
  • Awesome FPS deathmatch game for fighting against other soldiers.
  • Choose to play Single player mode or multiplayer mode.
  • Earn cash from kills and buy upgrades for guns from the shop.
  • Fun and challenging to play..

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