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Gameplay: Crazy Zombie 8

About the game

If you are a big fan of classic arcade fighting games. And you are looking for a new intense challenge online. Here on vitalitygames we have prepared many sequels of Crazy Zombie games. Click to play Crazy Zombie 8 games on vitalitygames.com. Crazy Zombie, the famous beat'em up crossover, is back with version 8 adding 3 new characters: Naruto finally joins the fight, along with Frieza in his golden form (Dragon Ball), as well as Dou Wa, a baby green beans mascot of several Chinese games. Crazy Zombie now has no less than 22 playable heroes, from Super Mario to Goku (DBZ), through Asuna, the pretty girlfriend of Kirito in Sword Art Online. A large and varied cast of characters, each one with their own special attacks.

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