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Gameplay: Elsa Fashion Adviser

About the game

Elsa Fashion Adviser is one of the newest games appeared on our site where all you have to do is to make sure that Barbie is going to look amazing. Princess Elsa from Frozen is her fashion adviser and you have to help her make from Barbie the most beautiful and trendy girl. In the first level with Elsa you have to design a beautiful bag for Barbie. You have to chose the model of the bag and then the color. On the bag you can add some stickers, some bows, some sparkles and so on in order to make it shiny for Barbie because she loves this kind of stuffs. In the second level of the game with Elsa you have to design a beautiful pair of boots for Barbie. It is not simple at all to complete your goal in this game because you have a lot of work to do, but i am sure if you pay attention at the details you can complete your goal and Barbie will be grateful to you. In the last level of the game, after you finish the boots and the bag you can move on to the next level where you have to dress up Barbie. Do your best to make Barbie proud of her fashion adviser`s work.

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