Fireman Kids City

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About the game

Fireman Kids City is now free online on Have you ever craved for a job that demands action, bravery and most of all helping people or even saving their lives? Our new exclusive game called "Fireman Kids City" is here to take care of that. Being a fireman takes real courage and exceptional driving skills that we think that you are most likely to have them. In a city so big as yours, a fireman needs to gets at the crash site right away to help people in need. So, therefore you will obviously have to make it through some difficult obstacles such as: red pipes, small cars, trailer trucks that can be so annoying and difficult to pass, white minivans and some pretty steep ramps. As fast as you advance and move to the next level you can unlock some really super other fire trucks that can help you move better and quickly because of their equipment. Try to pass this game "Fireman Kids City" to your friends and see which one of you are better at this job as a fireman. On we have a thick series of exclusive games that can also give you the thrills. Have fun and be the hero today!

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