Interstellar Marines Running Man

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Play now Interstellar Marines Running Man game free flash online at Vitality Games.Interstellar Marines: Running Man is a Sci-Fi first person shooter game made with Unity 3D technology. The game have stunning graphics competing with the modern PC games and many missions that you need to complete. Advanced 3D FPS called Interstellar Marines puts you to a remote space station filled with robots and alien creatures. Complete your missions, follow the orders and clean out the station. You will attack the army of robots and you must destroy them. If you succeed, you can get into an elite commando which fights against other forms of life.But there is so much more in this game, you'll just have to see for yourself. Of course, game is made in Unity 3D, that's why it has so awesome graphics. Good luck, marine!

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