Joffrey Vs Tyrion Slapathon

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Looking fro a new cool and fun new slapping games? The try thise new challenge from! You can now join in the action of the greatest game there is... the Game of Thrones. The notorious Lannisters never got along with others, not even with themselves, as we all know, but these two iconic characters managed to make enemies beyond their comprehension. And this time they will not be able to sneak out of harm's way. Everybody can have their revenge on these two infamous royal bloods and continue the slapathon that Tyrion started in the series. Have you always hated the mean, sadistic and vicious King Joffrey? Or maybe you are tired of Tyrion, his degenerate uncle, who always considers himself the smartest person in the room. Now you have the chance to get back to them. All you have to do is pick your victim and you are good to go. Hit your victim with the designated object as fast and as hard as you can using your mouse to score high. Hit harder and your score will blow through the roof, maybe your victim too! Challenge your friends in this amazing competition and see who wears the pants in your group. So have fun and and good luck..don't be to violent!

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