Medical Van 3D Parking

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Play online this intense 3D Unity game here on vitalitygames. Everyone knows that ambulances are medical vehicles that transport sick or injured persons to or from the hospital. Ambulance drivers must be able to navigate busy streets safely and quickly, without endangering the public or the patient being transported. They are always in a big hurry, but the question is where they park? With this new parking simulator, you will learn the ropes of driving an ambulance and park it safely in front of a big city hospital. It sounds easy as a pie, but the game requires fast reflexes, attention, and accuracy. Follow the instructions and complete each mission within the given time. Try to park you medical van within challenging places while making sure that you know how to turn in small spaces and the size of your vehicle fits into the parking spot. Choose one of the 10 ambulance trucks and experience the rush of a real ambulance driver! Good luck!

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