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Gameplay: Overtorque Stunt Racing

About the game

Overtorque Stunt Racing it's a nice 3d unity car driving and racing game that will fill you with adrenaline while you race others players.Kongregate badges i've added 30 in-game awards you can win to earn more points. For people who have been playing a while you will probably see your score jump the next time you play as the game will account as best it can for what you have done so far and grant you the relevant awards some things were not necessary to record to save data before so there may be a few things you've done that you will need to do over. You can access the awards list from the main menu.2. GENERAL:- Fixed a bug where leaving hot dog or interceptor before winning anything, while also using the in-car camera would bork the rendering.- Fixed a bug when hitting reset before a normal race starts would show an incorrect message.- Fixed a bug in track select where changing options and tracks could sometimes show a zero difficulty. FULLSCREEN BETA: Now available from main menu, still a work in progress. Please note:- You may need to adjust your graphics settings (in Options menu) for best performance. If play mode is choppy first try setting Camera FX and Shadow Quality to low or off.- This will not work with Internet Explorer 8 or higher (this is out of my control).- If you have any issues please PM me with details so I can improve it.

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