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Gameplay: Racing Supercar Championship

About the game

If you are looking for a new racing challenge then look no further! www.vitalitygames.com offers you the new and awesome "Racing Supercar Championship"! In this interesting challenge you will race other pros around the world from the tough desert to lush green plains, you will have to show your driving skills through every level.As you progress in the game and finish each level on the first place you will earn money which will give you the unique opportunity to unlock faster and more awesome cars such as: Corvette Stingray, Lamborghini Hurracan, Mclaren P1, Koenigsegg One, Lamborghini Veneno. Are you up to the challenge to defeat all of your enemies and win the ultimate supercar trophy? Prove it in this cool racing game available now here on www.vitalitygames.com. Share the game with your friends and see who can beat the game in the fastest time! For more cool racing games be sure to check our exclusive selection!

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