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Gameplay: Road Of Fury 3: Desert Strike

About the game

Play online for free the third sequel of Road of Fury game called Road of Fury 3: Desert Strike on vitalitygames.com. In this fun action... shooting... apocalyptic survival game, you must defeat and chase down the evil villain named Duke Mo and save the world from destruction! Your car cannon will fire automatically you must use your precision shooting skills and shoot to kill the moving targets. Play each round many times and try to earn money from killing bad guys and with the money earned upgrade your vehicle and weapon. Increase your HP and also the firepower of your assault cannon. And use special attacks to help you on the way like - airstrike beacon and - invincibility shield...! Enjoy this fun game from kizi.com and bring peace to the wastelands?Developer: Road of Fury: Desert Strike was made by IriySoft.Platforms : Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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