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Gameplay: Star Wars Duel Action

About the game

You are a Padawan who must prove his skills with the lightsaber in the Lighsaber Duels to become a true Jedi Knight.MOUSE and ARROW KEYSLooking for the latest Star Wars games after the upcoming movies? Well look no further!Vitalitygames.com offers you "Star Wars Duel Action". As a young padawan you must channel the force and train hard in order to be able to fight the evil forces of Kylo Ren.Your job is to fend off the incoming droids and become the best Jedi Master really fast,there is no time to waste as the Empire's forces might be nearby and attack at any minute.Master Yoda has taught you the basics and now it is your time to prove that you are worthy to be a lightsaber wielder. When you are ready you will be deployed on the Sith War Planet to fight the evil Zabracs and their minions.

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