The Empires 2

Walkthrough video is coming soon!

About the game

Welcome at Vitality Games, where you can find anytime free online games! The Empires 2 is a tower defense game, skill game. Do you like being in charge? Now it's your time. You have an entire kingdom to lead. At the beginning the kingdom have none but a castle and some resources. There are 5 different types of important resources: gold, food, wood, iron and stone. Resources are very important to build structures and develop an army. To produce that resources you need to build some basic structures like Farm, Lumber mill, Iron mine, and Stone mine.To build structure, please click build button and select the structure. You have to build at least one house. Every new building will increase the population that means you can collect more tax, but you have to provide more houses. Hope you have fun and become a real leader!

tower defence kingdom castle resources gold food wood iron stone structures army farm