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Gameplay: Wild Life Lion

About the game

Play the best and the latest wild life animal games with hunting and survival on Savannah. And experience the thrill of hunting other small animals. Wild Life Lion games free to play online on vitalitygames.com. Click to play now Wild Life Lion games for free on vitality games. Beautiful and terrible life in the Savannah, even if you the king of beasts, the lion in the simulator online. Mighty lion can be as fearsome predator but also become the prey of equal strength and agility of other inhabitants of the wildlife. You can specify the current game and get food or go to free hunting on the Savannah in search of a victim or a fight with a worthy opponent. But remember that the lion too tired, so let him time to recuperate. Use the map to navigate and search for animals, as well as to prevent surprise attack, other predators.

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