18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo
18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo
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18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo

18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo


Rating: 4.3
A new challenge is on it's way with this new game "18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo". Give your best to transport your cargo and have fun.

18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo is available here on If you are ready for a new task like deliver quickly the cargo you have, then you are the best person to do so. You need to prove yourself worthy of this challenging game. You have so many levels with totally different levels of difficulty. Use arrow games to control your truck and space for break. Adjust your speed to the road and balance the truck in order to get to the finish line. Not too fast and not too slow. Try to balance your truck with the help of the arrow keys and also use space for break. Be the best driver in this new free online exclusive game 18 wheeler driving simulator called "18 Wheeler Lumber Cargo" and try to win every level. Good luck and you can share it with some of your friends. Enjoy the this fun 18 wheeler truck and have fun with this similar 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator the game.
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