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Angling Challenge

Angling Challenge


Rating: 4.1
Looking online for the best fishing 3D games to play for free? Here on you can choose from various fishing games!

Here on vitalitygames we got a special category for fishing and hunting sport games. Let's start with this new 3D challenge called the Angling Challenge game. Take your boat across the lake in search of various species of fish. When you get a strike, set the hook and reel the fish in carefully to avoid breaking the line and losing the fish.
Use the mouse to click the place and the intensity of the cast. Use click one to lure the and space to draw fish. So have fun with all the fishing spots the game has to offer and enjoy catching big fish.
Remember that sportfishing it's the way, catch and release the fish so other people can enjoy the good fish like you in real life. After you master all the places and caught all the big fish if you are still in the mode there are other cool new free online fishing game like Lake Fishing, Lake Fishing 2, Lake Fishing 3, River Fishing, Sea Fishing, Sea Fishing: Sun Beach, Mountain Fresh, Green Lagoon, Lotus Lake, LF: Jungle day, Ice fishing, Forest Lake.
Have a good time and enjoy fishing online here on vitalitygames. Good luck with all free online fishing games here at Vitality Games.

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