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Asphalt Retro

Asphalt Retro


Rating: 4.9
If retro car games are your thing we've got you covered! Come and check out Asphalt Retro right here on our website!

If retro car games are your thing we've got you covered! Come and check out Asphalt Retro right here on our website!

Asphalt Retro is a thrilling racing game that takes players back in time to the early 2000s when mobile gaming was just starting to gain popularity. This retro game is a throwback to the classic racing games that were once available on mobile phones. It's perfect for those who want to relive their childhood memories and experience the nostalgia of old-school gaming.

In Asphalt Retro, you'll compete against skilled drivers while navigating through heavy traffic. You'll need to be careful not to get arrested by the police, as doing so will cause you to lose the race. And if you're not careful, you might end up crashing your car, which could be disastrous for your chances of winning.

With Arcade Mode, you can choose from different cars and racetracks, allowing you to customize your experience and find the perfect challenge for your skill level. If you're looking for a more spontaneous experience, the Instant Play mode will throw you into a random race without any prior preparation.

The graphics in Asphalt Retro are reminiscent of the old java games for mobile phones, which will evoke strong nostalgia for older gamers. It's a retro game that will appeal to both kids and adults who enjoy racing games online. The game is developed by Gameloft, a well-known game development company that has a reputation for creating top-quality games.

Whether you're looking for racing games for kids or car games to play, Asphalt Retro is a great option. It's a fun and engaging game that will keep you entertained for a long time. So, rev up your engines and get ready for a blast from the past with this exciting retro game.

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  • Retro 2D graphics
  • Old-school gameplay
  • Easy-to-learn controls

Release Date: February 2023

Developer: Asphalt Retro was developed by Gameloft

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