Azure Bay Docking
Azure Bay Docking
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Azure Bay Docking

Azure Bay Docking


Rating: 3.9
Play online and for free our new game called Azure Bay Docking here on

Play online and for free our new game called Azure Bay Docking here on You are spending some quality holiday time at the seaside and relaxation is your main thought. 

What can be more fun than boating all day long and enjoying the sun and refreshing waves? Your task is to "park" your yacht on the indicated docking spots just following the arrows. 

This game offers 34 hard docking spots and 15 levels for you to have fun! This game requires serious sailing and docking skills in order to be able to finish it. It may seem pretty easy but actually, it is hard to control your boat on slippery water. 

Try to avoid other boats and be careful not to crash into those huge rocks because this will damage your yacht. This game presents awesome realistic graphics and of course, a really intense mission. 

Try to get a high score by getting the job done quickly, without damaging the boat too much, and by parking it well and straight on the docking spots. Figure out how to control your vehicle with the waves pushing your boat around and causing resistance. Try to follow the arrow to the indicated parking space. 

As you progress through the levels, gain access to bigger and better boats so you can show off to other boaters. Have lots of fun!

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