Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout
Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout
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Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout

Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout


Rating: 4.4
Score as many goals as you can against Byamax in this Big Hero 6 game completely for free right here on our website!

Are you a fan of the Big Hero 6 movies and tv series? Have you watched all the episodes and now you're wondering if there are some online games that you can play for free? Well, if that sounds like you, we do have some great news: here at, you can play Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout

This is a fun game to play and it is designed especially for kids and casual players due to its simplistic gameplay and controls. So what's this game about? Well, you have to score as many times as possible against Baymax without hitting him with the ball. Each time you hit him, pieces from his armor will fall off. When there's no more armor left the round ends. And that's pretty much it! That's all you need to know to play this game! Sounds easy, doesn't it? Then start the game and let's see how many times you can score!

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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Perfect for casual players
  • Very easy to learn controls

Release Date: March 2022

Developer: Big Hero 6: Big Hero Shootout was developed by Disney

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