Burnout Extreme Drift 3
Burnout Extreme Drift 3
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Burnout Extreme Drift 3

Burnout Extreme Drift 3


Rating: 4.2
Get ready for Burnout Extreme Drift 3! This Exclusive Title from will put your driving skills to the test! Are you ready? Then let's go!
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Experience the Thrill of Drift Racing: Burnout Extreme Drift 3

Get ready for an exciting driving experience like no other with Burnout Extreme Drift 3, one of the best car games available online. If you've been searching for exciting drift games unblocked, this thrilling driving game is just what you need.

Take Your Skills to the Streets

Take your car to the streets and put your skills to the test against some of the most skilled opponents your city has to offer. Burn rubber and showcase your exceptional driving techniques in this drift game that will leave your rivals in awe. Explore the game's map to discover various driving events, with more challenges awaiting you as you progress through the game.

Customize Your Ride

What sets Burnout Extreme Drift 3 apart is the option to customize your vehicle and make it truly yours. From choosing the perfect body kit to fine-tuning the engine, this driving game offers a wide range of options to enhance your car's performance.

Explore Exclusive Titles

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Click, Play, and Conquer

Don't wait any longer! Click that Play button now and embark on an epic driving adventure with one of the best drift games online. Get ready to dominate the streets and show off your skills in this driving game!


  • Great looking 3D graphics
  • Tons of stuff to do
  • Great looking UI
  • Smooth animations
  • Unlockable and customizable cars
  • Different game modes such as Time Attack, Race, Circuit, Drift, and Knockout
  • Easy to learn controls
  • VitalityGames Exclusive Title

Release Date: October 2021

Developer: Burnout Extreme Drift 3 was developed by VitalityGames

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