Call Of Zombies
Call Of Zombies
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Call Of Zombies

Call Of Zombies


Rating: 4.9
Face waves of scary zombies and do your best to be the last man standing! Play Call Of Zombies for free right here!

Get Ready for Action!

Welcome to the exciting world of Call of Zombies! It's one of the coolest zombie games out there, perfect for fans of first-person shooter games. Get ready for an awesome adventure where you'll be fighting zombies and searching for magical dragon statues.

Face Off Against Scary Zombies!

In this game, you'll explore creepy places and face off against scary zombies. But don't worry, you'll have cool guns like assault rifles and pistols to help you out. Just aim carefully and shoot those zombies!

Upgrade and Explore!

As you defeat zombies, you'll earn coins to upgrade your weapons and unlock new places to explore. Your goal is to find all 11 dragon statues and defeat a big boss to save the day.

Play Online with Friends!

Call of Zombies is a free zombie game that's super fun to play online. Are you brave enough to take on this exciting challenge? Let's find out!


  • 3D graphics
  • Scary zombies
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Easy-to-learn controls

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