Cars: Lightning Speed
Cars: Lightning Speed
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Cars: Lightning Speed

Cars: Lightning Speed


Rating: 4.5
Help your favorite cartoon character Fulger McQueen speed up and race as you defeat your opponents. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Lightning McQueen has challenged you to a race! You were invited to participate in the famous U.S.A. Cup! Face Lightning McQueen himself and other excellent cars in a deadly race in the middle of dry desert.

Winning a race by default is almost impossible, but certain power-ups scattered along the way should help you to outpace your rivals. Win a race and earn some respect from the most big-headed car that has ever lived.

Upgrade parts of your car, select new paints and decals and progress through a career in order to win the glorious trophy. Maybe you want to try the first version of the game created on flash under the name Cars Desert Dash. Have fun.

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