Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft
Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft
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Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft

Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft


Rating: 4.6
See the world through the eyes of a cute kitty with Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft. Explore the world around you and complete all the challenges!

If you like animals and pets we have a nice game for you: Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft. This simulator game lets you play as a small kitty and complete various challenges as you explore your surroundings. This game has 15 types of cute kitties to choose from and 9 locations to explore and have fun. Run around all over the place knocking things down and catching mice just like a kitty would do! If you like cat simulators and want to explore the world as a kitty then this is the game for you!
  • Cute looking 3D graphics
  • 9 different locations
  • 15 types of kitten
  • Fun to play

Release Date: February 2016

Developer: Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft was developed by HGames

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