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Circuit Car Racing

Circuit Car Racing


Rating: 3.9
Take part in exciting car races and drive awesome-looking cars! Can you outsmart your opponents and become a racing champion?

Car games are exciting, aren't they? And what kind of games illustrate this better than racing games? Whether you're a true fan of the genre or you're just looking for some car games to play in your spare time you should definitely check out Circuit Car Racing

In this online game, you'll take part in some intense races against skilled opponents. You'll have to do your best to outsmart them at every corner if you want to stay on top of the race. There are six cars in this game, the first one is already unlocked for you and you can get the others by progressing through the game. 

The controls might be tricky at first since this game has a top-down view, so you'll need to get accustomed to it. Once you got the hang of it, you'll be able to effortlessly drive on any racing track this game has to offer. So what do you say? Are you ready to show off your awesome driving skills? If so then click the Play button and let's see what you've got! 

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  • Top-down 2D graphics
  • Unlockable cars
  • Challenging racing tracks
  • The controls are easy to learn but tricky to master

Release Date: April 2022

Developer: Circuit Car Racing was developed by VitalityGames

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