Samurai Jack: Code Of The Samurai
Samurai Jack: Code Of The Samurai
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Samurai Jack: Code Of The Samurai

Samurai Jack: Code Of The Samurai


Rating: 3.8
Play as Samurai Jack in this awesome online game right here at! Can you defeat all of your enemies? Click Play and find out!

Are you a fan of Samurai Jack? Have you seen all the episodes and now you want more? We hear you, and so, here at, you can play Samurai Jack: Code of the Samurai

This is a platformer as well as a fighting game where you get to play as Samurai Jack. You'll have to use your exquisite sword skills to defeat though opponents and progress through the levels. The art style of the game emulates the show very well, and you'll feel like you're playing through an episode of the show. So what do you think? Are your sword skills sharp enough to defeat every villain? If so then click Play and let's see what you're made of! 

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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Smooth animations
  • Fun and challenging levels and enemies
  • Easy to learn and play

Release Date: April 2022

Developer: Samurai Jack: Code of the Samurai was developed by Cartoon Network

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