Cool Tuning: Paint The Car
Cool Tuning: Paint The Car
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Cool Tuning: Paint The Car

Cool Tuning: Paint The Car


Rating: 4.9
Cool Tuning: Paint The Car is a fun car game where you get to paint and decorate cars and then sell them for a profit.

Welcome To Your Very own Tuning Shop

Have you ever wanted to have a tuning shop and work on awesome cars? Well now you can have a taste of that kind of experience with Cool Tuning: Paint The Car!

A Different Kind Of Car Game

Cool Tuning: Paint The Car is different from all the others car games online. In this game, you don't drive the cars but you get to customize them and give them some really unique looks. Think of it like a dressup game, only it's a car game for kids where you "dress up" the car, so to speak.

Earn Money And Buy More Cars And Supplies

At the beginning of the game, you will have to buy one of the cars that are available in this game. They all have different prices, so at first, you'll only buy what you can afford. After that, you get to be creative. You can paint the car, and apply foils and stickers as well. When you're done you can sell the car for a higher price and make a profit. With the money you earn, you can buy other cars or more types of foils, paints, and stickers.

One Of The Best Tuning Games

Cool Tuning: Paint The Car is one of the best car tuning games you can find online, and you should make sure you don't miss out on this game. It's tons of fun to play and it lets your creativity go wild. So if you're ready to customize some cars go right ahead and click the Play button!


  • 3D graphics
  • Lots of cars you can work on
  • Very easy-to-learn controls

Release Date: June 2024

Developer: Cool Tuning: Paint The Car was developed by Welwise Studio

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